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Cup of Comfort Wax Melts | Coffee, Almond, & Sugar | 3.2oz

Cup of Comfort Wax Melts | Coffee, Almond, & Sugar | 3.2oz

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Take a moment to enjoy your favorite morning ritual. Notes of coffee, almond, and sugar swirl together for a pleasant fragrance as familiar as your morning brew. Breathe and take in the day with a Cup of Comfort.

Fragrance notes: Coffee, Almond, & Sugar

**Listing and price is for ONE wax melt (8 cubes)**

Because all of our products are handmade there may be slight imperfections such as slight color or texture differences, slightly off-centered labels, etc. None of these things impact the quality of the wax melt.


Soy wax

High quality fragrance oils

Highly scented and long lasting (one cube can last 24+ hours in an electric wax warmer)

3.2 oz Net Weight of Wax

No wick or flame needed


5.125" W x 8.125" L

Care information

Please read the wax melt safety information found on the back side of the package.
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